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Juan Garza joined the Astros fandom in the 70's when listening to the games via radio was his only option. Garza was a loyal fan through the Astros' ups and downs. Listening and eventually watching the baseball games on television, became a part of his routine for the years to come.

Recently, Mr. Garza fell critically ill and has been bedridden at Christus Spohn Shoreline for over a week. His son, Jaime and three grandsons were watching over him, spending days and nights in the room. Juan eventually became unresponsive.

Until November 1st, when the Astros were against the Dodgers in the final World Series game.

Garza's grandson, Mario was in the room with his grandfather when the Astros defeated the Dodgers. Not thinking his grandpa was listening, he told him the Astros had won.

Suddenly, Juan Garza's eyes opened wide and asked "What was the score?" Then fell back into an unresponsive state, while a single tear ran down his cheek.

Five days later, Mr. Garza has passed away in his hospital room with family by his side, according to Jaime Garza.

Although the loss is devastating, Garza's son Jaime says his father completed his 'drop bucket' after learning about the win.

Our condolences and thoughts are with the Garza family.