As of Monday evening there were still just over 145,000 customers in the area without power, with AEP crews from all over the state working to restore it; but in the meantime, a Corpus Christi pizzeria made sure people could get a hot meal.

Thousands along the Texas coast started the week without power, and many hadn't had a warm meal in days.

And after a weekend seeing empty streets all over Corpus Christi, it was a strange sight Monday as dozens lined the block outside of Urban Bricks pizzeria for a free pizza.

"You know they've been through a lot," Urban Bricks Founder Sammy Aldeed said. "We wanted to make sure that everybody's well fed."

Aldeed drove down from San Antiono with food supplies to open up his Corpus Christi location.

"We've been delivering pizza's to Rockport all morning, giving people as much pizza as they want," Aldeed said.

As much as they could carry, which meant they could bring pizza back home.

"My grandma and our family," said one resident taking pizza back to her home.

"Texas means a lot to us and we want to feed our locals and first responders," Aldeed said.