Emergency crews were called out to the Corpus Christi International Airport just after noon Monday after a plane's engine caught fire upon takeoff and had to circle back to land.

According to CCIA officials, a U.S. Navy 737 jet that took off from the airport circled around after a problem was reported with its left engine during takeoff. The jet circled around and landed back on the same runway, where emergency crews were on standby but were not needed.

Witnesses called 3News reporting a low-flying plane approaching the airport with flames coming from its engine. They also reported hearing a loud booming sign coming from the plane.

Sharp-eyed 3News viewers captured cell phone video of the massive plane as it made its way to the airport. In the video you can hear engine struggling as the plane made its way to a safe landing.

CCIA spokesperson Kim Bridger said the aircraft was doing some repetitive training maneuvers when the trouble started. Although airport officials aren't sure where the flight originated, emergency response teams were prepared and ready for anything.

"The airport emergency response worked exactly the way it's suppose to," Bridger said. "The public safety officers, police, fire and EMS of course responded to the scene and were actually staged on the runway before the plane landed."

Officials said two people were onboard and the plane was carrying 6,000 gallons of fuel. Thankfully, nobody was injured.

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