Five months after Hurricane Harvey devastated much of the Coastal Bend, communities are still recovering,

But for one Corpus Christi man, the recovery process has meant so much more. Kevin Doyle is helping rebuild the city of Rockport one house at a time in memory of his late wife.

"You know I just laid there and wanted to sleep you know and just wish that I could be there with my wife," Doyle said.

Doyle lost his wife Christine on July 2, 2017.

"I was in a rough place in my mind," Doyle said. "You know i had that empty void and basically I was looking for something to fill it and then Harvey hit."

Doyle, a veteran, said he had a calling to serve once again.

"I was like why cant i stop thinking about Rockport and then one night I could smell her perfume which i knew nobody had access to and then I'm like I'm going to Rockport."

On the other side of the bridge was Scott Stewart, a fellow veteran whose home was severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

"The windows that were in here blew out everything that was here flew across the room walls windows everything," Stewart said.

Stewart's wife put a message on Facebook asking for help.

"I answered his message and I said I'll be out there," Doyle said.

And within an hour...

"He showed up," Stewart said. "He never asked for a penny. He's never asked for anything from us."

Doyle has helped in Rockport's recovery every Monday through Saturday since Harvey hit from 6 a.m. until sun down. Stewart said Doyle refused to stop working.

"We need a lot more people we need a lot more help cause stuff is still slow," Doyle said.

Doyle said he wont stop until everyone is back on their feet.

"He may be hammering in one hand and has the phone in front of him just constantly answering calls of people begging for help," Stewart said about Doyle. "And I can honestly say I have not heard him tell one person no."

Cutting trees, collecting debris, building roofs and fences all while still wearing his wedding ring, Doyle said he does it in honor of Christine.

"I have a sense of pride now," Doyle said. "Not pride but a sense of worth."

Doyle created a Facebook page to document the work that he is doing. You can visit it here.

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