"On your feet! Yes sir, yes sir!"

To these kids, learning just the basics of martial arts...

"Go! Yah! Very good back of the line"

...is teaching them the basics of being the best person they can be.

"It allows them to learn some discipline and just have fun."

Marisol Murchison lives at the Salvation Army and has two daughters taking the free class from Dan McQueen and his son...

"Integrity is always doing what is right."

... she says otherwise she wouldn't be able to afford a class like this, and she's never seen her daughters so excited about something.

"I was not able to come the first week but once they got home they were so excited and I was like I have to come and see," said Murchison.

The class combines skills from Tae Kwon Do to general fitness, and after starting it at the shelter three weeks ago...

"Fighting stance hiyah! hiyah!"

...more of the resident kids keep coming, thrilled to show their off new moves.

"A knee strike is when you go like that...that's a knee strike" said 9-year-old Elijah Grimaldo, who lives at the shelter.

McQueen says the goal is to eventually teach more than one class for the kids who stay at the Salvation Army...

"Hiyah! Perfect man."

...to continue bringing smiles, and giving them a newfound sense of security and protection.

"Thank you sir!"

Briana Whitney 3 News.