The combined lake levels dropped below 50-percent last week and City officials have been waiting to see if we've had enough rain to bring the levels back up but so far, no luck.

Kiii Reporter Brian Burns looked into what the next steps could be.

According to the latest figures from the Nueces River Authority, the combined levels of Lake Corpus Christi and Choke Canyon Reservoir are at 49.2 percent.

The City's water department says officials are considering invoking stage one water restrictions.

Steve Ramos, the City of Corpus Christi's Water Resource Manager, said currently there isn't any water restrictions.

The City is reviewing the current conditions and will be making a determination soon as whether we enter into stage one of the drought contingency plan.

Once the City enters stage one, consumers will be asked to voluntarily conserve water.

If the combined levels or Lake Corpus Christi and Choke Canyon falls below 40-percent, the City will enter stage two drought restrictions.

Stage 2 would require mandatory compliance for watering only between 6 p.m. and 10 a.m., if regulations are not followed, there will be hefty fines on those who violate them.