As stores and restaurants begin to re-open after the storm, people in Corpus Christi are once again able to access valuable resources lost as people evacuated the area.

As KCEN Reporter Kurtis Quillin shows, one of those which re-opened showcases the true Texas spirit of coming together in a time of need.

"We were just saying that's the most Texan thing, once a hurricane is over, go to Whataburger," said Ashlea Dollgener, who was first in line at the Whataburger on Weber and SPID as it prepared to open its doors Sunday. "It's just really convenient and so many people are without power and living off of canned foods and everything."

Just days ago the restaurant was closed, as were just about all stores and restaurants in the area, as Hurricane Harvey barreled toward the Texas coast.

Sunday they announced this location would be the first restaurant in the iconic chain, which started in Corpus Christi, to re-open after Harvey.

It didn't take long for lines to form as people waited as long as two hours.

"We left Rockport two days ago and we actually found a motel and have been living out of an ice chest," Erik Sydow said.

For some it was a chance to get their hands on a hot meal.

"I'm ordering a number one, the full meal," Dollgener said.

Especially for those who remain without power.

"We live right down the street and my parents live in Portland and have no power, but their water just got turned back on so I thought I'd swing by and get them something warm to eat," Zachary Kinney said.

For the people of the Coastal Bend, it's a step forward in coming out of a time of devastation.

"I think this is just the start," Henry Livas said from the front of the line at Whataburger. "We should start rolling after this."

For a full list of restaurants and grocery stores that have re-opened in Corpus Christi, click here.