A woman is fighting for her life Saturday after she was hit by a truck in the parking lot of the Flour Bluff Walmart.

Her family has identified her as Cordie Gilmore.

Dara Stone was checking out at the register right by the exit when she heard the screaming and ran outside, she said, "Everyone's running out and they're like oh my God, oh my God, call 911 something had happened".

Stone stayed at the scene until an ambulance took Gilmore to the hospital.

She said, "I stood there praying that she was going to be alright. You want to help when somebody when they're hurt and we couldn't do anything".

The driver of the truck, 34-year-old Cody Callison, was arrested for intoxicated assault.

Gilmore's family said she suffered major brain bleeding and are saying their final goodbyes.

Stone said, "I feel sorry for them. I'm sorry that if she doesn't win this battle then it's a horrible loss".