The small city of Woodsboro, Texas, is still without power, but that has not stopped its residents from beginning the cleanup after Hurricane Harvey.

They were joined Wednesday by others from around the Coastal Bend who wanted to lend their hand.

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Ice is a valuable commodity in Woodsboro, where volunteer firefighters and even high school sports players were driving up and down the streets delivering bags to people who need it. It will be used to try and cool what food they do have.

The power there may be out for a month, and in the meantime people are trying to do what they can to clean up after Harvey.

One of the saddest sites to see around Woodsboro was the home of 14-year-old Romeo Gomez. His family's trailer was destroyed.

From now, Gomez' family is going to have to pitch a tent and will live in it until they can get help from the government.

A church group from Calallen was in Woodsboro Wednesday helping to cut up downed trees, and the volunteer fire department from Pettus, Texas, was there handing out food and water to people in the town square.

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