A Robstown man on the job discovered something shocking in a ditch off County Road 28 Friday morning -- a dog with its mouth duct taped shut, hogtied with medical tubing.

Carlos Carrillo works for Shoreline Plumbing and said he was en route to a job around 9 a.m. Friday and spotted the dog struggling in a ditch along County Road 28. They reversed the truck and went to assist the animal, which Carrillo said was hogtied with medical tubing and duct tape.

Carrillo cut away the duct tape and medical tubing and the dog was placed in their work truck and transported to PeeWee's Pet Adoption, where it is now being cared for.

Representatives from PeeWee's Pet Adoption told 3News the dog was healthy and in good spirits. Carrillo said he and his wife are now thinking about returning to adopt the dog.

"We'd like to give it a good home," Carrillo said by phone Friday afternoon. "He deserves it."

Carrillo had posted images of the dog to his Facebook page. The post went viral locally. Later in the day, Morgan Gunn, a vet tech at PeeWee's, commented on the post with photos of the dog.

"Hi! I don't know you personally, but I'm a vet tech at Peewee's and we've fallen in love with this sweet boy. We (and he) can't thank you enough for rescuing him!!! He's doing amazing and he has the cutest personality," Gunn's comment said.

She included pictures of the now much happier dog!