The parents of a crew member missing from last month's oil barge explosion near Port Aransas have filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

That explosion happened back on October 20th as the barge was heading to a refinery.

According to the Caller-Times, The suit alleges Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. as being negligent in properly supervising the crew.

The suit goes on to say employees were not properly trained or given adequate safety equipment.
The parents of Zachariah Jackson --who remains missing-- are seeking damages in excess of $1 million dollars.

Attorneys for Bouchard Transportation Co.,Inc., Tug Buster Bouchard Corp. and B. No. 225 Corp., which own and operate the barge, have filed a complaint in New York City asking for exoneration from or limitation of liability.

Bouchard Transportation declined to get into specifics about the case on Wednesday.