"Doga," or "Yoga with Dogs," has been brought to the Gulf Coast Humane Society for you to enjoy. It's a fun and interactive way to do yoga, all while spending time with some of the adoptable dogs at the shelter.

The Gulf Coast Humane Society has partnered with Water Dog Floating Yoga to create an event where you can roll out your yoga mats and spend your Saturday morning with a few four-legged friends.

"We were really looking for a way at the beginning of the year to bring new awareness to our adoptable animals," said Mia Burbage, Outreach Manager at the Humane Society. "It's a different way to interact with the animals while also having a great community event."

While you're there, if a certain canine catches your eye, dog lovers are more than welcome to adopt.

"A lot of people don't get the right personalities of the dogs by just coming in and meeting them for just a couple of minutes, so going through a whole yoga class where the dogs' personalities kind of shine a little bit, and it's a different way to bond with them, makes a big difference."

Since the dogs are the star of the show, it makes for a non-intimidating, fun and interactive yoga session great for all fitness levels.

"I always try to modify for beginners to intermediate and give different options and modifications," said Stacie Richline of Water Dog Floating Yoga. "It's definitely beginner friendly. Something fun and more playful."

Richline said it's a fun and relaxing activity with many benefits.

"There's mental benefits, health benefits," Richline said. "Meditation is usually part of yoga and it can help us relax, help with our breathing, and a lot of different things."

The event kicks off at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Gulf Coast Humane Society. Guests are asked to bring their own yoga mat and a donation. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Gulf Coast Humane Society.