A Falfurrias man charged with murdering his estranged wife by beating her to death, and then driving her SUV all the way to Michigan before being caught, has been released from the Brooks County Jail.

Bond for Eusebio Chevo Deleon was set at $500,000, and a request to lower the bond was denied; but on Wednesday, Deleon was released on bond.

The father of the woman Deleon is charged with beating to death is outraged that her accused killer has been let out.

"I'm very upset as to what happened. I mean, it shouldn't have happened. That's all there is to it, you know. This man shouldn't be out," said Pedro Cantu, the father of the late Erika Cantu-Deleon. "We need to find out what the heck's going on with the courts, you know. This man, he doesn't have any business out without somebody knowing where he's at, or he's already left to Michigan. What's going to keep him from not leaving again?"

Cantu was referring to the fact that Eusebio Deleon fled to Ann arbor, Michigan in March of 2012, just days after Erika was found beaten, bloodied and left for dead. Authorities said Eusebio beat Erika on the head with a five-pound dumbbell and wrapped an ironing chord around her neck.

"Pedro's afraid Eusebio might drive, go to another state like Michigan, or leave. No, he's not leaving. I know my son. He's going to go to trial. He's going to go back to prison. He's at our house for a little while. He knows he's going to prison. He won't take off nowhere," said Victoria, Eusebio's mother.

There are currently no conditions on Eusebio's bond. There are no restrictions. Assistant District Attorney Joe Mike Pena said he's in talks with Eusebio's lawyer to try and agree to some conditions like a curfew, GPS monitor and drug and alcohol testing.

The murder trial is set for January.