A Corpus Christi man was arrested late Thursday night after allegedly holding his mother captive for several hours. Police say the 54-Year old held against her will and beaten in her apartment along the 800 block of Hancock Avenue, allegedly at the hands of her own son, Joe Witherspoon, 29.

The woman tried to get away several times, but Witherspoon refused to let her leave and threatened her more. Around 11:40 PM Monday night, someone knocked on the apartment door, the woman then took running and made it to a neighbors house to call police.

When officers arrived, they found the woman with a pair of black eyes, a cut on her left eye brow and bloody nose and mouth. Police say they even saw a hand print around her neck and jaw. The woman told police that Witherspoon has beaten her all night long, punching her in the face and choking her with his hand.

The victim was taken to Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital for treatment. As for her son, Witherspoon was was taken to the Nueces County Jail and now facing charges of Unlawful Restraint among others.