A Mathis mother says she is afraid for her 14-year old daughter's life, after the teen's 16-year old ex-boyfriend allegedly threatened to kill her. She says the school district has not taken the threat seriously enough.

The mother of the Mathis High School student asked to have her identity concealed, but she does want to be heard. She is afraid of what might happen to her daughter if she does not speak out.

"Any mother would be scared, and that's what I am," she said. "I'm here. I'm talking to you all because I'm scared for her. I don't want her to, I don't want to turn on the news and it's going to be me that's crying because I lost my daughter because I didn't do anything. Because I didn't speak out."

The mother said her daughter is so afraid for her life that she has not been able to eat or sleep. Her daughter's ex-boyfriend allegedly threatened to put her in a closet, starve her and then chop her up. The mother said her daughter is so afraid that she has cut herself 10 different times, and has said she wants to kill herself because she would rather be the one to do it than have her ex-boyfriend kill her.

She also said her daughter is so afraid that she has had to be hospitalized.

"I can assure you, as a superintendent of schools, as well as a mother of a daughter in high school, that every precaution is being taken care of," said Maria Rodriguez-Casas, superintendent of Mathis Independent School District. "We're addressing the needs of all the children. We're taking even more preventive measures to ensure the safety of our children."

On Wednesday, the Mathis ISD superintendent and the Mathis chief of police addressed the rumors that spread like wildfire at Mathis High School last Wednesday. Those rumors were that the student in question was going to shoot up the school, and that he had a hit list.

Both the superintendent and the police chief said those rumors and allegations were not substantiated. In fact, as reported in the local paper, the police chief said it was nothing. A letter was sent out to parents that also said there was no evidence to back up the alleged threat.

Still, the superintendent said the investigation continues, and that any and all leads will be taken seriously.