The ever present possibility of violence is what brought Corpus Christi Independent School District police to Moody High School on Tuesday.

It was all part of a previously scheduled lockdown drill, aimed at making sure everyone knows what to do if the campus ever became the scene of an active shooting.

Just last week, Moody High School's principal had a training for teachers given by the CCISD police. On Tuesday, they held a mock lockdown with a mock shooter to see how students and teachers would react.

"We decided we needed to use a survival mindset training with our kids because we don't have windows and exit doors," Principal Sandra Clement said. "If a shooter comes in, we got our kids and staff to fight back."

Clement said they will not be victims. Their goal is to do everything possible to protect the kids from intruders and anyone dangerous.

At Tuesday's mock lockdown, the Corpus Christi Police Department was on hand to act as the mock shooter. Teachers used the tools they learned at the recent workshop to protect their students, like blocking their doors and keeping their students away from windows. Even though the lockdown was a drill, it gave teachers a plan of attack.

"You've got to fight for your life," said Gerald Garcia, ninth grade biology teacher. "At the end of the day, if an intruder were to come in here, we'd definitely defend ourselves."

"We don't have a choice. We won't allow ourselves to sit like victims," Clement said. "We can't. If we don't empower them, they will continue to do what they've done."

Overall, teachers, students and campus police were pleased with the results. They say they will be doing this drill several times a year.

CCPD said that they plan on taking these mock shooter drills to all other school campuses in the area.