The mother of six year old Taylor Syring spoke with 3 News just 24 hours after jurors found Laura Day, step-mom of Taylor, guilty of drowning him.

3 News was exclusively Live in the courtroom as Judge Bobby Galvan read the verdict.

3 News reporter Mike DaSilva has reaction from Kelly Syring.

After sitting through days of heart wrenching evidence and testimony, Kelly Syring heard the judge read a guilty verdict just about the same time Wednesday.

Kelly Syring, Taylor's mother, says,"Happy. I mean, it won't bring Taylor back, but she can't do that to anybody else."

"I miss him incredibly, his brother misses him, and you just learn to deal, you know there are moments I can't stop crying, and I have to tell somebody tell me something good, just tell me something good," says Kelly.

Kelly Syring came into the Kiii Studios and watched the verdict on a laptop. She says justice is about as served as it's going to get. She says her emotions go all over the place. Her family and friends help her cope.

Kelly says,"My family, they're my kick in the butt, you gotta get outta bed, you gotta eat, you gotta do all that stuff, and my friends, and just knowing that people are praying and that you know they're prayers and thoughts are with us."

Syring says she still remembers every detail about Taylor's short life from the first day she brought him to his sleeping habits to the fact that he was an active kid. She also says he always loved the water and it always seemed to calm him down.

Now that Laura Day has been convicted of first degree capital murder, Kelly Syring and her attorney are moving forward with a civil lawsuit against Laura Day, seeking more than a million dollars in damages.