Have you ever thought about the things we take for granted? That is what two young men from Africa were asking kids on Wednesday at Solomon Coles High School.

The point was to get them thinking about how lucky they are to have the things they have here in the U.S.

"We're just trying to tell them that they are so blessed and take everything seriously, especially school, because it's free education, and everything in our country is prepaid," said Dzago Chatsama, a motivational speaker from Africa.

Chatsama is one of two speakers who were in town hoping to inspire kids to make something of themselves, and in the process help others. He told the kids how he didn't even get to sleep on a bed until he was 16, and didn't get a phone until his 20s.

He even used an Olympian as a good example of inspiration.

"I was giving them an example of Michael Phelps, how he shined in Olympics and everyone was proud of him, and they can be Michael Phelps in their own areas of life and make a difference," Chatsama said.