A murder investigation is underway in Ingleside after a woman is found dead Wednesday, Oct. 24, outside of her apartment. Police are calling this a domestic violence situation. This is the first homicide in Ingleside since 2007.

Police got a call just after seven o'clock this morning, that a woman was lying face down on a sidewalk near her apartment. This happened at the 2100 block of Breezeway Circle in Ingleside. 3 News was on the scene all day as investigators from the DPS crime lab, the Texas Rangers, and Ingleside Police Department gathered evidence. Just before 5 p.m., investigators wrapped up the scene and took down the crime scene tape. Earlier in the day 3 News spoke with the victim's older sister, Rachel Ramirez, as she described what kind of a sister and person the victim, Maria Gonzales, was. "Very outgoing, funny, family oriented, she was my sister, my little sister," Ramirez said.

Police say when they responded to the residence this morning, a male suspect opened the apartment door covered in blood and there were blood stains leading from the body to the apartment. Family members identified the boyfriend as Remus Litoiu. Gonzales and Litoiu had been dating for 2 years, Gonzales had been living in Ingleside for a year, the two planned to get married soon.

"That just didn't strike me to have any problems between them. He was trying to take her with him where he lived, another country and she didn't want to go. No, he never disrespected her in any way, we didn't have no clue that there was something wrong," said the victim's sister.

The boyfriend of the late Maria Gonzales, Remus Litoiu, is from Romania, he came to Ingleside to work. Maria Gonzales's older sister Rachel says she last spoke with her about a week ago, she says she was happy and showed no signs of any trouble or problems.

Remus Litoiu has been formally charged with murder.