Corpus Christi police officers were on the scene of a murder mystery Thursday night, but not the usual kind of murder mystery.

Outside of the Havana Club downtown, the chalk outline of a body could be found, and other signs of a crime scene. It was all done in fun, however.

It was a fundraiser for the Crime Stoppers program. There was food, music and a raffle going on. There was even a contest to name the five murder suspects in the murder mystery themed event.

"We're not sure how much we're going to raise," said Audrey Vicknair, chairwoman of the Corpus Christi Crime Stoppers. "The tickets were $25 a piece, and we're also doing the raffle, and we're hoping that will generate some interest."

Of course, Crime Stoppers is a community organization that relies on donations from the public to keep the program running. All the money raised Thursday night goes to the Crime Stoppers program.