A big groundbreaking ceremony was held Thursday that will soon change the way the water system at Naval Air Station Kingsville works.

The ceremony marks the start of a 15-month construction project for a new water main and water management system at the NAS-Kingsville water plant. The project will transform the way the command manages and operates its water and wastewater distribution systems on board the air station.

"Over the last summer, we had 49 water breaks we had to deal with, and this is going to basically take away a lot of man hours worth of extra work when it comes to water breaks," said Eric Hess, public works officer at NAS-Kingsville. "Essentially, replace all the infrastructure for the base and provide a better support system for the base collectively as a whole."

Global Engineering out of Renton, Washington, was awarded the contract for the $14.9 million project. It is expected to be complete by mid-March of 2014.