TUCSON, Ariz. (WVEC) -- Thinking about stealing from a school? Well, make sure to skip the baggy pants or you might end up like a wannabe burglar in Arizona.

One man's attempt to burglarize a school in Tucson went topsy-turvy when his pants got caught in the school's fence.

Our sister station, ABC 15, reports that the Tucson Unified School District spokesperson said police were called to Miles Elementary School after a locksmith saw a man trying to force his way into classrooms on campus.

However, the suspect realized he was being watched and just attempted to jump over the fence.

The attempt went south, leaving the man hanging upside down, pants around his ankles and, needless to say, looking pretty at fault for his attempt.

A driver cruised by the scene and took a picture and posted it to Facebook, which garnered 400 reactions and more than 400 shares.

The witness admits he was going to help him off the fence, but when he got back around to the scene of the crime fifteen minutes later, police were taking the man into custody.