Speaking at a National Prayer Breakfast unlike most before it, President Trump on Thursday said the nation has to be "tougher" in dealing with other countries, pledged to make it easier for religious groups to engage in politics — and asked the crowd to pray for his successor as host of The Apprentice.

"The ratings are right down the tubes" since Arnold Schwarzenegger took over as host of his former program, Trump said. "It's been a total disaster ... I want to just pray for Arnold, if we can."

Trump constantly referenced himself during his remarks, talking at one point about how people often greet him with five words that warm his heart: "I am praying for you." He also said "so many faith leaders" have been "very, very important people to me."

At another point, Trump referenced foreign policy, telling members of the prayer breakfast not to worry about reports of his "tough" phone calls with world leaders.

"We're being taken advantage of by every nation in the world, virtually," Trump said. "It's not going to happen anymore."

The president, as he did during the campaign, also vowed to repeal the "Johnson amendment," which forbids tax-exempt religious organizations from making political contributions or otherwise engaging in campaigns.

Striking religious themes, Trump spoke of the power of faith and prayer and said "this gathering is a testament to the power of faith."

And just like in the first round, Schwarzenegger had a sharp rejoinder.

"Hey, Donald, I have a great idea," the former California governor suggested in a video posted to Twitter. "Why don't we switch jobs? You take over TV because you're such an expert at ratings, and I take over your job and people can finally sleep comfortably again?"