If you've been waiting for some clearly visible signs that the planned Schillterbahn Water Park is actually being built on Padre Island, the time has now arrived.

Tons of sand is now being excavated as part of the project. We're told some non-essential structures at the Padre Isles Country Club are in the process of being torn down.

Project co-owner Jeff Henry, who's also personally involved in the construction, says things are moving according to plan.

Jeff Henry, Schlitterbahn co-owner, says,"We're under construction, we broke ground, we're moving dirt...working on the parking lot...modifying this entrance building that you see, into a restaurant, entry, bathrooms-dressing rooms etc. etc. we're underway there, and then we're back here, working on the site, getting the site ready to start excavation, we'll get ready to start putting utilities in next week...and we're ...underway"

A general manager has been chosen for the Schlitterbahn park. His name is Stan Holt. He is currently the executive director of Padre Island Business Association. He says he's in a transition mode now and will begin working full time on the project in August.

He says all is on track for a planned opening in June of 2014.