The Aransas County Sheriff's Department is giving folks a way to get rid of the prescription drugs that they no longer need or want.

They unveiled a prescription drug drop-off box on Thursday.

When used or disposed of the wrong way, prescription drugs can be dangerous to your health and to the environment. That's why the Sheriff's Department wants to make getting rid of unwanted or unneeded prescription drugs as easy as possible.

The new prescription drug drop-off box is just like a mailbox, and you can go by at any time of day or night and do a drop-off, no questions asked. The new drop-off box is at the Aransas County Detention Center.

A Rockport resident made the first drop-off Thursday. Mary Logsdon recently had surgery and was given pain pills, but she said she doesn't need them anymore, and doesn't want to leave them hanging around the house.

"I had asked the druggist if you know how to turn it back into them, and they said no, they don't take narcotics back," Logsdon said. "So I asked them how to dispose of it and they said just kind of like, grind them up, and put them in with some coffee grounds. But I thought this was a better way."

"We have people that are trying to properly dispose of them, but because of the location we have here on the coast, to the water and estuary, it's important that we dispose of it properly and don't destroy a lot of the environment around us," Sheriff Bill Mills said.

The drop-box is part of a joint effort between the Sheriff's Office and the Aransas Citizen's Against Drugs Coalition from the Aransas County Independent School District.

The Sheriff said prescription drug abuse is a growing problem with teenagers, who will take from their parent's prescriptions, and sometimes it can be difficult to notice. So the sheriff encourages parents to clean out their medicine cabinets and get rid of any drugs they don't need.