Kiii 3News got an exclusive look Monday at a portrait of Robert Justus Kleberg, which will be unveiled Saturday in celebration of Kleberg County's 100th anniversary.

"I had seen Tio and Janelle Kleberg at one of their family pre-wedding parties and I had told them that nowhere in the courthouse had I seen Kleberg's picture, and I said 'How can I go about getting one?'" Kleberg County Clerk Leo Alarcon said. "And he asked me to contact the archives of the King Ranch."

Along with the unveiling of the new portrait at the Kleberg County Courthouse, there are plenty of events planned for their Centennial celebration, and it is all being done for a good cause.

"All the proceeds that we're collecting from this, whether it's sponsorships or selling of the pens or t-shirts or anything that we may sell at the festivities, is all going toward scholarship funds for kids in Kleberg County," said Daniel Morales, co-chair of the Centennial Event Committee. "So that's a huge deal."

One of the events planned for the celebration is the Pinto Bean and Barbecue Cook-Off. For more information on the Centennial events, click here.