A grand jury took no action in the case of Dan Caballero, the homeowner who shot and killed a burglar that attempted to break into his home back in December.

"In this case, the facts backed up Mr. Caballero's position," Nueces County District Attorney Mark Skurka said.

Skurka said the case was thoroughly investigated by the Corpus Christi Police Department's homicide detectives. The lead investigator also testified before the grand jury that Caballero was well within his rights when it came to shooting 29-year old Dustin Tate.

It was Dec. 2 when Tate was shot during an attempted burglary at the home of Caballero on Greenbriar and St. Andrews in Country Club Estates. Caballero confronted Tate inside of his home.

"To put aside any rumors or hearsay that he was shot outside the house while being chased down, that's not correct. What happened was he was shot in Mr. Caballero's bedroom by Mr. Caballero's own personal gun, which was a registered gun to him."

Tate had an extensive criminal history dating back to 2005, including a burglary conviction in 2011.