A group of nursing students claim that Del Mar College's nursing program unfairly prevented them from graduating.

It all began last May, when the students were set to graduate with their nursing degree. Not much has changed since then, and that is exactly why the attorney representing the students filed a lawsuit against Del Mar College.

"Unfortunately, Del Mar has not come to the table to make wrong right," Attorney Robert Heil said.

"I should have been a grad RN back in December of 2011," student Keara Torres said. "I'm not because they falsely changed our grades."

The students and their attorney said they have made several attempts to work something out with the school, and despite their many attempts, they said the school has yet to respond.

Since May of last year, the would-be nurses have been sitting on the sidelines, unable to enter the workforce. Nine former Del Mar nursing students are listed on the lawsuit, and all of them say the college prevented them from graduating even though they have met all the degree requirements.

The lawsuit asks that the school allow the students to graduate and earn their degrees.

"The college just received the lawsuit, and it has been referred to our legal council for review and response, and it would be inappropriate to make any further comment until we've had the opportunity to take that step," Del Mar Spokesperson Claudia Jackson said over the phone.

As soon as a court date has been set, Kiii News will let you know.