City Council members were faced with a tough decision on Tuesday -- to see continued growth in the city's southside, or welcome clean energy in the form of a wind farm.

Dozens of residents showed up at City Hall to voice their opposition to the possibility of wind turbines going up south of Corpus Christi in the Chapman Ranch area, along Highway 286 at the turn off to Highway 70 leading to Bishop. That's where one company wants to put in a wind farm.

At Tuesday's council meeting, members unanimously passed a resolution, going on record to oppose wind farm development in the city's extraterritorial jurisdiction. The biggest argument is that the city continues to grow south.

Among those in opposition to the development of a wind farm included home builder Bart Braselton, who said a wind farm would stop the city's growth.

"The southside accounts for about 75- to 80-percent of growth of our city, and we're running very low on land," Braselton said.

"It's not a spring. The construction is slated for 2015. There's still plenty of time to understand the city's needs and have this conversation with the city," said Karlis Povisils of APEX Clean Energy. "We've been focused on this last year to work with the Navy and understanding the technical issues around airspace and the radar."