An overnight standoff at a home near La Palmera Mall left the homeowner inside dead, and now, two Corpus Christi Police Department officers are on restricted duty.

Police said they got a call after 8:30 p.m. Sunday from a man who said he was armed and that his neighbors were posing a threat. Swat Team members poured into the 1100 block of Salem, and Daniel Scott's home.

According to police, they negotiated for hours with Scott in the hopes of bringing things to a peaceful end, but a shootout erupted.

"Upon attempting to make physical contact with Mr. Scott, he fired upon the officers," CCPD Chief Floyd Simpson said. "Officers returned fire and shot Mr. Scott. Despite receiving immediate medical treatment at the scene from our onsite paramedics, he was later pronounced dead."

The Police Department said that the two officers placed on restricted duty are nine-year veteran Rigoberto Montejano and 17-year veteran Amador Gonzalez. Restricted duty means they can come back on the job when they are ready and will have limited public contact. The chief said that is now a standard process in cases like this one.

Simpson said he feels the officers were justified in their actions and should be back to full duty after the case is sent to a Grand Jury.

The middle-aged man was said to be suffering from mental issues, and police said they have had to go to his home several times in the past. Neighbors like Gayle Hamm confirm that.

Hamm lives right next door, and said she had lived in a lot of places over the years and had never seen police show up to a home as much as they did Scott's house.

"I didn't know Daniel had fired on them. He was a strange guy, but nobody should die like that. That's just the way I feel. He needed help," Hamm said. "I'm sad that it happened, but I think that other things should have been exhausted before they resorted to shooting him. I mean, if they had tear gas, they should have used that. Tasered him or something."

Sulema Rosales lives two doors down from Scott's house. She said police gave her the all-clear about the incident at the same time armed officers were heading to confront Scott. She feels that police should have done more to explain what was going on and the danger of the situation.

"We had asked them what was wrong and he said it's all in the clear. I said, it's not in the clear, because y'all are all suiting up and I have three small children," Rosales said. "Nobody told us that he was armed. They started blocking off the street. We didn't have no clue, and it was really dangerous. They should have warned us."