The non-profit group known as People Assisting Animal Control, or PAAC, announced Monday that they are partnering with the Cattery to open their own spay and neuter clinic.

They say it is something that should drastically reduce the stray animal problem in the city.

For every 1,000 residents, there needs to be 28 pets spayed or neutered to make a difference, adding up to about 8,700 pets.

"Our future goal is to have these portable buildings here within the next 90 days do this," PAAC President Cheryl Martinez said.

Designs for the new building were presented Monday. The land sits next to an old pool hall at the 5700 block of Ayers, which is not far from Animal Control on Holly Road. The property is actually owned by Chubby's Mattress, which is donating the use of the land to PAAC.

PAAC's focus used to be on adoptions at Animal Care Services, but now with the new clinic, the focus will be on reducing the stray animal population and preventing those animals from ending up in a shelter.

"The solution to the problem in this city is spaying and neutering, and the more animals we can get spayed and neutered, the better, with the Cattery doing it because they already have the techniques," Martinez said. "They have the vets trained in high-volume surgery. We'll be able to do 10,000 surgeries a year."

The portable buildings will cost about $150,000. While they do have donors, the organization is always looking for more help.

You can find out more by checking out their website at

Commander Todd Green with the Corpus Christi Police Department oversees Animal Control, and said this will be a great resource for residents.

PAAC hopes to have their new site up and running as early as May.