For anyone driving near the Schlitterbahn construction site on Padre Island lately, it is pretty clear that the energy and intensity have gone up.

More than 300 people show up to work there now, and the 450-acre park is jam packed with concrete structures, which will make up the rides, slides and rivers.

The creative genius behind all of the Schlitterbahn parks, and many others as well, is Jeff Henry. He's been at the new Schlitterbahn construction site every day, tweaking plans as the project moves along.

Henry said the end result is that it has become more of a resort complex than a water park, and despite those who say he can never live up to the original promise and open the gates in June, he's planning to do even better than that.

"We are going to open the doors on May 31, a Saturday, and we will have a good part of the water park open," Henry said. "We'll have some of the rides open. We call it a soft opening. So May 31, we'll be open and ready for operations, including our restaurant, and it's big and beautiful. We'll have two full floors open. It'll hold everyone in Corpus, I think."

Currently, workers are concentrating on the massive parking lot; the dozen or so hotel rooms that are going in next to the giant four-story castle structure, which will house the restaurants and meeting rooms; landscaping the areas surrounding the main attractions; and according to Henry, they will have everything else open by July.

Then, they immediately go into Phase Two of their plans. We'll have more on that on 3News at 10 p.m.