There were heart-wrenching tears from the parents of the two young girls who were shot and killed on Cheryl Drive Sunday night as they spoke out during a Wednesday afternoon press conference.

The emotional news conference was held at police headquarters at around 11 a.m., and Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns was there. He went Live from the scene of the shooting with the details.

Jose and Margaret Oliva, parents of six-year old Nevaeh Oliva, stood alongside Arnold Valent and Ashley Leal, the parents of two-year old Lilliana Valent, as they spoke about their loss and the last moments of their daughters' lives.

"I feel like I have nothing left in me. Not a tear. Not an emotion. Nothing," Margaret Oliva said. "I just want to go with my baby girl. I want to see her again. I didn't even get to kiss her goodnight. At least you could have gave me that. At least you could."

"It gets worse by the day. You don't get to feel them, kiss them. You don't get to bathe them. You don't get to do nothing for them. You don't get to play with them. You don't get to hear their voice, even their cries, and it hurts so bad," Ashley Leal said. "She thought she was a princess, and baby, you are. You were my princess, and you're always going to be my princess. You were my only baby girl."

"Somebody just needs to remember back about that time of what happened, man. Somebody, try to remember something," Arnold Valent said. "Try to remember a vehicle. Try to remember seeing somebody run. Try to remember something. We need everybody's support."

"I appreciate every single one of you. Everyone that is watching this right now, thank you, and if you have anything, please let us know," Jose Oliva said. "We need justice for these kids."

Not much information has been released regarding the facts of the senseless shooting that claimed the young girls' lives, but the family tried to clear up some details at the end of the press conference.

It was just before 11:30 p.m. Sunday at a birthday party at Jose and Margaret Oliva's home on Cheryl Drive when the shooting broke out. Someone peppered the home with over 30 shots. Police believe two people were involved in the shooting.

By the time the smoke cleared, two-year old Lilliana and her, cousin six-year old Nevaeh were dead.

"We had just been outside not five minutes before, hitting the piƱata. Why not shoot one of us? If they were looking for something, or they were mad about something that we don't know about, why not confront us about something they had feelings about? Why take it in their own hands and wait until we all go inside, and not know who gets shot? Because in the end, our babies paid for that," Ashley Leal said. "We have not had problems with anybody. Neither him or us. We haven't been out of a vehicle. We have been home. He works out of town a lot. We weren't having problems with nobody. We don't know why. We just want to know why. We want somebody to come forward and say something."

The families said they ended up having the birthday party at the Cheryl Drive home after they couldn't book the party at one of the kid-friendly pizza places around town.

Investigators who attended the press conference said they could not answer any questions regarding the case.