"Yes, she did access services."

According to officials with the Women's Shelter of South Texas, Krystal Perales did seek help before she was fatally gunned down. It's a tragic outcome, but one shelter officials want to emphasis, was not the victims fault.

"I have seen a lot on the victim and how she might have brought this on her self and actually question why this person thought he had the right to shoot this person in the head so many times," said Francis Wilson of the Women's Shelter of South Texas.

As for the man charged in the murder, Jesse Perales, he is no stranger to the law. Just this past December, he was arrested for burglary of a home, but the charges were dropped after the victim would not cooperate. Back in 2008, Perales was arrested for assault. The charges were later dropped in 2009 after the court was unable to locate the victim.

"Our prosecutors have thousands of cases pending and sometimes we try to find those people, but if they move, change their contact information, it's very difficult to find them. Looks like that's what happened in this case," said District Attorney Mark Skurka.

District Attorney Mark Skurka had been asking for an investigator specifically to find the victims of misdemeanor cases. Just four months ago county commissioners gave him one.

"This investigator has been much of help for the district attorney's office and the community in helping us find these witnesses and go to trial," said Skurka.

In the meantime, Perales remains in jail facing murder charges. His bond is set at $1 million.