CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) - A warning from the Better Business Bureau about another phone scam. The scam starts with a caller claiming to be someone you know who now finds him or herself in need of financial help. Ruth Krumrey said, "It didn't sound like him. He said the reason is because he had a tooth out and that he had a broken nose and had a concussion." Ruth got a call from a scammer who said he was her son, and that he was stuck in Mexico after being involved in a wreck in a rental car and was in the hospital. He said he needed money to be wired to him. The scammer asked for 2900 hundred dollars to pay the rental car. Ruth didn't fall for the elaborate story. She picked up the phone and called her son. It turns out, he wasn't in Mexico, rather in Austin. That's when she knew this was all a scam.

Ruth said, "When he called back at one thirty he asked if I had a tracking number and I said yes, s-c-a-m for scam he said good and hung up." The Better Business Bureau says more and more people are falling for these types of scams and that is why you should be cautious.

Something that should raises a red flag is when the scammer asks for money to be wired to a different country. People need to check and call whomever the person is claiming to be.