3 news is helping the Children's Advocacy Center of the Coastal Bend. The "Pinwheels for the Prevention of Child Abuse" display is part of an annual drive to raise awareness about the number of cases of abused or neglected children.

Mindy Jimenez from the Children's Advocacy Center says they have a high number of child abuse cases and wants people to understand that community awareness and support is the only they can work effectively.

The nearly 2000 pinwheels - 1957 to be exact - represent last year's children and their families.

That number also means the Coastal Bend ranks third in the state in number of cases of children at an advocacy center.

Jimenez says it is because their center is heavily utilized by their team, including law enforcement, child protective services, the D.A.'s office for all 12 counties in the Coastal Bend.

Children ages 2 to 17 have walked through the Advocacy Center's doors at one time or another.

The type of cases that are seen are sexual abuse, severe physical abuse, children that witness violent crimes, domestic violence, homicides. There is also drug-endangered children. Human trafficking has also become an issue.

The non-profit organization relies on fund raising events and donations to help support necessary staffing, medical exams and counseling.

Stop by KIII-TV at 5002 SPID on Wednesday, October 10 before 6:30 p.m. Do your part and make a difference in a child's life.