A man is behind bars for the fatal assault of 25-year old Aaron Juarez, but police said he was not the driver of the vehicle that had been dinged by Juarez' car.

It happened overnight last Friday, in the parking lot of a local Whataburger. Juarez' car door hit a sport utility vehicle parked next to him, and dinged the door. He was then assaulted by a group of men, and beat to death.

According to a police affidavit, David Alvarez, the man arrested Thursday night in connection with the assault, was with his brother Frank and a couple of other friends. They were at the Whataburger when Juarez opened his car door and hit their vehicle with his door.

Alvarez is now charged with murder.

Police believe that after Juarez hit the truck with his door, Alvarez was called outside by his brother Frank. An argument was taking place, and the police investigation reveals that Alvarez came out and punched Juarez once in the face, causing him to fall back and hit his head on the parking lot pavement.

The attackers then took off, but a witness got the license plate number and it came back to the brother's parents' house. Eventually, their father told officers that his sons had been at the Whataburger, and one of them had punched a guy once after he dinged their sport utility vehicle.

Alvarez was said to have a cut to his right hand, along with swelling. He was arrested Thursday evening on Brockhampton.

Police said the case is not yet wrapped up yet.

"At some point, we will finish the case," said Lt. Kelly Isaacks of the Corpus Christi Police Department's Robbery and Homicide Division. "We are not finished. There may be more arrests."

The police affidavit said that the victim and a passenger pulled up next to the Alvarez' SUV. Juarez did open his door and ding the SUV, but he then opened the passenger door to the SUV and apologized to Frank Alvarez.

That is when, according to police, Frank Alvarez waved to his brother and friends to come outside to the parking lot. Also in the affidavit, the brothers told officers that there was a fight and that David Alvarez did hit Juarez once in the face, causing him to fall and hit his head. The punch was so hard that Alvarez went to the doctor to be treated.

Alvarez is currently in the Nueces County Jail on a murder charge and a $200,000 bond.