Police officially began enforcing the city's new cell phone ordinance Monday, prohibiting motorists from handling their cell phones while driving.

If you are caught, you could pay a fine of up to $500.

Kiii News Reporter Anayeli Ruiz hit the streets Monday to see if drivers were following the new city ordinance. She staked out the busy intersection of SPID and Everhart to see how many people were still using their cell phones while driving, and they found quite a few. Some were even texting at the red light.

"It's a safety precaution, you know what I'm saying? Not just for them but for other drivers who may not be paying attention," driver Reginal Dailey said.

The new ordinance bans the use of cell phones while driving, even if you are stopped in traffic or at a signal light. You can use your cell phone when calling 911, of course, but without a hands-free device, drivers are no longer able to make a regular phone call.

Many drivers are doing anything to try and stop themselves from getting on their cell phone.

"I put my phone in my purse and hide it," driver Maria Lopez said.

"I try to stay away from texting and driving," driver Paden Baker said.

So next time you are driving and about to reach for that cell phone, you may want to think twice.