CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) - It could be a scene straight from the TV show "Hoarders." Corpus Christi police officers along with cadets helped two women who's home was overrun with years of clutter, feces, and hundreds of live rats and roaches. The two women were also living in the home for years without electricity and running water. The scene so disturbing, officers telling our own photographer it wasn't safe for him to be there without wearing a mask. One of the women who lived at the home, was bed ridden. The other, her sister was her care taker. Police say they also discovered mice, and rats which were living under the mattress of the bed ridden sister. After the shocking scene was brought to light, Adult Protective Services was forced to remove the women. That's where the volunteers are stepping in to help get them back into their home. Cadets with CCPD's Police Academy spent all morning and afternoon Saturday removing the feces infested carpet, and piles of trash. The clean up effort, is one of two community service projects these cadets must complete before becoming a police officer.