The Corpus Christi Police Department is investigating a possible case of animal cruelty centered around a dog who allegedly had a leg cut off by its owner. A member of Rescue 361 contacted 3News about the dog, which is currently awaiting surgery at a local veterinary clinic.

Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns spoke with the woman who arranged for the dog's rescue and came back with the details.

"I was crying, first of all, because I've never seen the worst in humanity as I've seen with this dog yesterday," said Linda Smith, who helped rescue the dog, who has since been named Bugsey. "Couldn't sleep last night. I don't know how somebody could do that to an animal."

Smith is a member of Rescue 361, a local pet rescue organization. She was taking her own dog to the vet for a checkup when she was told about a critically injured Eskimo mix-breed. The five-year old dog, named Bugsey, had reportedly been paralyzed from the waist down.

Smith spoke with the woman who had taken Bugsey to the clinic.

"She did tell me that her husband beat her. She wound up in the hospital," Smith said. "When she came home, she was told that her husband gave the dog Lortab and the husband cut the dogs leg off."

Commander John Houston, who manages Animal Care Services for the City, said the case is being investigated, and that the couple is going through a nasty divorce.

"If the evidence shows that this was abuse of an animal, then there are state laws that cover that, and they can be charged up through a felony," Houston said. "I have no idea how a person would get to the point where, 'let me take the dog to the garage and I'll do my own thing.' It's one of the strangest things I've heard in my career here."

For Smith, who owns a rescued dog, what happened to Bugsey was unthinkable.

"I was just beside myself," Smith said. "I left the vet's office and started to network the dog. We have a home for the dog. A good home for the dog."

Rescue 361 is asking that donations for Bugsey's surgery go directly to the Nueces Veterinary Clinic. Their number is 361-242-3337.

Smith said that another animal lover has donated a car so that Bugsey will be able to get around after the surgery.