Police have identified the suspect in Thursday's officer-involved shooting, which left him and two officers wounded, as 22-year old Travis Cody Magill.

A warrant was obtained for his arrest Friday on two counts of attempted capital murder and one count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Magill is still being treated in ICU at Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital, and will be transported to the City Detention Center upon his release.

Police were back at the scene Friday to investigate the shooting. It happened Thursday afternoon on Congressional and Pebble Beach.

According to the Corpus Christi Police Department, senior officers Amador Gonzales and Michael Goodman confronted Magill, who was reported as a suspicious person. Magill drew a firearm and shot at the officers, striking both in their legs and Goodman in the shoulder. The officers fired back, striking Magill in the chest.

Magill attempted to flee in one of the officers police Tahoes, but crashed into a pole and was apprehended. A viewer sent a close-up photo of him on the ground as he was being taken into custody.

Both officers have been released from the hospital. Magill remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

"The attempted capital murder is a first-degree felony, which means he'd be facing a range of punishment, from five-99 years to life, and up to a $10,000 fine," said Retha Cable, first assistant district attorney.

Cable said that, while the investigation is still in its infancy, the facts of the pending criminal case are coming together. The work of the Corpus Christi Police Department's investigators will no doubt be extremely details, from recreating the scene of the shooting, tallying up the number of rounds shot by each officer and the suspect, to how far the suspect drove while attempting to get away in the police vehicle.

All of those factors will help prosecutors determine how many charges Magill will be facing.

Residents of the Country Club Estates neighborhood, where the incident happened, are still shaken by the experience and are waiting for more information to be released.