A man is in jail after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman. It happened in broad day light early this morning, a little before 8 AM on the 700 block of North Omaha.

The victim was in her car when the suspect approached her on a bicycle and signaled her to lower her window.

The man put his hand inside the car and forced his way in.

According to police the suspect drove off with the woman in the car and he allegedly sexually assaulted and then robbed the woman.

The woman was able to get away and called police.

Tonight, police are sending out a warning to other women in the area.

Police Lt. Edward Longoria told 3 News, "beware of your surroundings. Keep your guard up for strangers, especially those who look in need of assistance. If they are stronger, suspicious factors going on, and if there is a phone and you think they need help, then rely on the police department."

Police were able to locate the car at on the 3600 block of Leopard at the Safari Inn. The suspect was still inside the car.

Police arrested 39-year old Xavier Nunez.

The suspect is now facing several charges including kidnapping.