The Texas Senate passed a bill Tuesday prompted by an assassination attempt against a Travis County judge.

Senate Bill 42 is known as the "Judge Julie Kocurek Judicial and Courthouse Security Act of 2017". The bill requires law enforcement at courthouses give the presiding judges a written report of security incidents, collects a $5 fee in civil cases to better train court security officers, allows law enforcement to provide security to judges outside of their jurisdiction and removes personal information about a judge, like an address, from public record documents. 

After senators approved the bill, they unanimously approved a resolution to honor Judge Julie Kocurek for her commitment in returning to work after the attack, and recognize her 17-year old son Will, who put himself between his mom and the shooter to shield her during the attack.

"Members, it is fitting and it's proper that on a day that we pass an important piece of legislation, that his mother worked so hard to show that the system of justice will not be interrupted by someone who tries to step in the way of justice, we also honor this young man and wish him great luck in the future for his bravery and selflessness and his courage," said Senator Kirk Watson (D-Austin). 

SB 42 was passed on all three readings, sending it over to the House.