(CNN) - With just one day left in the papacy, Pope Benedict XVI is holding his final general audience today at the Vatican.

Pope Benedict XVI will arrive in his pope-mobile shortly before his address.

Riding among the masses in St. Peter's Square.

More than 50,000 tickets were given out for the general audience, but a Vatican spokesman expects many more to show up to see the pontiff one last time.

On Thursday morning Pope Benedict will meet with the cardinals.

He will then ride a helicopter to his summer home near Rome and at 8 p.m. local time his papacy will end.

A few interesting details have emerged about what the future will be like for Benedict.

He will keep his the name "Benedict" and will also be referred to as Pope Emeritus.

He'll have to give up his distinctive red shoes.

"It is a prerogative of the pope to wear that alone, no one else in the church may wear those red shoes. so when benedict is no longer the pope, he has to give up the shoes," said Raymond Arroyo, News Director and Anchor of Global Catholic TV.

Benedict will no longer be protected by the swiss guards.

He will have Vatican Police protection.

As for his replacement, as soon as Monday, cardinals will begin the process of electing a new pope.

"The two-thirds majority, first man to get to the two-thirds majority is the next pontiff."

And that could happen soon.

A Vatican spokesperson says a decision could come within days.

Pope Benedict's life after the papacy will be one of seclusion and prayer.

He will stay at his home until work on a monastery within the Vatican grounds is finished later this spring.