From Port Aransas to Corpus Christi beaches, law enforcement officers had their hands full over Spring Break.

The numbers are in and just in Corpus Christi, police gave out more than 860 tickets and made at least 50 arrests. Keep in mind, that's just on Padre Island.

Over a 10-day period police concentrated their patrol efforts on Padre Island, both on the roads and on the beach and those efforts paid off.

"The goals we had in mind to accomplish from Spring Break to keep people safe certainly a priority from the beginning," says Senior Officer Kirk Stowes with the Corpus Christi Police Department.

As thousands of college students and families hit the beach, the Corpus Christi Police Department was keeping an eye on all of them to make sure everyone was on their best behavior.

Out of the 867 tickets handed out, the most popular offenses were for drivers who were caught with expired registration or inspection stickers.

Speeding also got Spring Breakers in trouble, but that wasn't the only bad behavior police had to deal with. As far as the arrests go, there's no surprise what landed spring breakers in jail.

"Out of the 50 arrest, number one problem that being addressed was public intoxication, disorderly behavior, not someone leaning against their car minding their business. These are people acting inappropriately," says Officer Stowers.

There were 23 arrests for public intoxication. Aside from having officers on the beach this year, there was also an Emergency Operations Center set up across town where officers monitored security cameras at the beach to help with traffic issues.

It's the first time the center was used for Spring Break, it's normally only used once a hurricane enters the Gulf of Mexico.

As far as Port Aransas, police there reported seeing record crowds. There were four major problems officers responded to which included a report of a stabbing, two assaults, as well as an allegation of a sexual assault.