Attorney General Greg Abbott could be facing as many as three challengers in the Republican Primary for governor.

69-year-old Tom Pauken is a former chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Republican Party. He lives in Port Aransas and hosted a meet and greet Monday night in Corpus Christi.

Pauken says there is a need for more vocational education in Texas. He adds that he would work to change the current system of funding public education -- in which tax revenue from wealthier school districts help offset the costs of less fortunate districts. Pauken says Greg Abbott has strayed from true conservative principles.

"We're just preaching to the choir and we have to reach out to the Democrats and the Independents with the right message," Pauken said. "I think I can do that and I don't think Greg will."

Pauken says he would support the republican nominee regardless of who wins. The primary is set for March of next year.