Big concerns of area residents and their reasons for being happy living where they are were just a couple of findings in this year's Port of Corpus Christi community survey.

The results of that survey, the thirteenth one of its kind in the last 18 years, were presented Wednesday at the Solomon P. Ortiz Center.

According to the survey, the biggest concerns of people living in Nueces, San Patricio and Kleberg counties were jobs and roads.

A total of 703 area residents answered questions on the survey, which covered a range of topics about living in the Coastal Bend and the quality of life here. It also included such things as how many people sent text messages on their phone, showing an increase in the last three year.

Another survey topic was how happy you are where you live, and the happiest residents in our area are people who live in San Patricio County.

San Patricio County Judge Terry Simpson said it's easy to understand why.

"We're close enough together where they can come home easily in the evenings and not have to spend hours sitting in traffic to enjoy the benefits of living outside of an urban area," Simpson said. "We've been very fortunate that Corpus Christi provides the urban area when we need it, but it's not so close that we can't get away from it."

As for the top concerns of area residents, the survey shows that people are less than satisfied with local politics, and many have worries about whether or not their children will be able to find jobs locally.

The survey authors said that people still aren't sure if the boom caused by the Eagle Ford Shale will last more than a few more years, but they say people are happy about the growth in the petrochemical industry in the area.