A Facebook complaint led some local animal rescue volunteers to a severely injured cat in Robstown Sunday evening -- a six-month old calico named Rizzo, suffering from burned hair and skin, and badly limping.

The Facebook report was sent to Rescue United 361, prompting a volunteer affiliated with For the Love of Strays to find the cat and take it to Oso Creek Animal Hospital.

A veterinarian there said the prognosis for the cat is still unclear.

"Still very guarded at this point in time," Veterinarian Scott Vaughan said. "We're waiting to see if Rizzo's going to respond to just good love and care, and good nutrition, and see if we can get her on the road to recovery."

"As long as the community continues reaching out to help us with donations, the well wishes, the prayers, all the positive support we're getting from our community is going to help Rizzo recover," said Melissa Rizzo of For the Love of Strays. "Hopefully fully."

For the Love of Strays says $1,800 has been raised so far. If you would like to donate, you can visit them online at www.fortheloveofstrays.com/donate, or call them at 361-462-7911.