An alert refinery worker spotted a three-year old girl crawling across Up River Road Thursday. She had walked out of her home, near the refineries, just before dawn.

Scott Hawkins, the refinery worker that spotted the little girl just after she cross the I-37 feeder road and made her way onto Up River Road, saved the day and reunited the little girl with her parents.

Melody Larson just turned three last Thursday. Her father Chris said she is a very active girl, and is forever thankful for Hawkins finding his daughter and getting her to safety.

It was around 5:30 a.m. Thursday when Larson managed to slip out of her home on the 900 block of North Omaha. She then made it across the I-37 feeder road, but didn't stop there.

That's when Hawkins spotted her. The Valero employee was on his way to work when he looked out into the roadway. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"It would have been real easy for her to get hit by a vehicle at that time of the morning," Hawkins said. "She's small. She was crawling across the road, so she was even a lower profile. If you hadn't been paying attention it would have been real easy to hit her."

Hawkins said he called police and they then went door-to-door in the area looking for Larson's parents. They finally came knocking on Chris Larson's door. He was sound asleep.

"The first thing I did when I woke up was try to find my daughter," Chris Larson said. "She wasn't in the room. And then I come out here and I see lights over there and he's pointing over there, and talking about my daughter, and I just got scared. And I tried to get over there as quick as possible."

The little girl was okay, and dad got to take his little girl back home. He said he is now going to childproof his house to keep Melody from being able to take anymore walks around the neighborhood.

News of Hawkin's actions spread quickly through Valero.

"We certainly are very appreciative of Scott," Valero Spokesperson Lilian Riojas said. "Like you said, he did the right thing this morning, and we're happy that it did have a happy ending for this family."

Many believe Hawkins is a hero, but he isn't claiming the title.

"I think anybody in that situation would have done the exact same thing," Hawkins said. "There's no hero here."

Melody and her family might disagree.