Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi hosted a Texas Tribune event on Monday called The Hot Seat, a conversation about the upcoming state legislative session.

State Representative Todd Hunter was on hand to talk about the issues, as was U.S. Congressman Blake Farenthold.

While state issues were the focus, one of the main concerns on many people's minds was the so-called fiscal cliff that the federal government is facing.

That is the term used to describe a combination of tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect, which many experts believe could trigger another recession if Congress and the president don't act before the end of the year.

Representative Farenthold believes his fellow Republicans are ready to work on a solution.

"There's going to be some compromise, and it's going to be about compromising, not on principles but on the details," Farenthold said. "And I think if we can find ways to increase revenue without raising the tax rate, that's going to be a win for everybody."

Farenthold said that he is heading back to Washington Tuesday morning, as the lame duck congress will vote on a number of issues.

Negotiations will also be underway on solving the fiscal cliff dilemma.